Q: Does my insurance cover home care?
A:  Most insurances cover skilled home care.  We always check with insurances before providing coverage.  Some insurances have a co-pay but not many.  Medical Assistance covers homecare and there is no need to be homebound for coverage. Not all insurances require that the patient be homebound.  We also check for that.

Q:  How often can home care come in?
A:  Once a RN or PT does an assessment in the home they will work with the client to decide how many visit each discipline can/will do each week.  WE can alter frequency depending on the progress of the patient.

Q: Does my Doctor have to order home care?
A:  We do need a physician order for care in the home.  However, if the patient or family wants to call us we will call their doctor to get an order for home care services.  

Q:  Can you stay in my home for a few hours every day?
A:  No, we are what is considered a “skilled intermittent” home care.  We come in to your home for “visits” various times per week.  We do not provide extended hours of nursing or aid services on a daily basis.  However, we do work with many of those types of agencies in the area and can work with the patient or family to get those services in the home if requested and needed.

Q: How far do you go to people’s home? 
A:  Our service area is approximately 30 miles from our West Duluth office.  This includes a service area into Wisconsin

Insurance/Medicare Homebound Definition

A patient is considered homebound if the condition of the patient is such that there exists: 

A normal inability to leave home.
Leaving home requires considerable and taxing effort.

If the patient does leave home, the patient may still be considered home bound if:

The absences from home are needed for medical treatment such as: 

Doctor appointments
Kidney dialysis
Radiation treatment
Adult day care

The absences from home are infrequent and for short duration such as:

Religious services
An occasional trip to the barber
Occasional walk
Occasional ride in a car
Support group meeting

The absences from home are restricted due to the patient’s condition, are infrequent and for short duration and require:

The assistance of another person
The use of supportive devices such as:

Wheel chair
Special Transportation

*Keep in mind that some private insurances, county waiver programs and medical assistance programs do Not require the patients to be home bound.