Our Administration

Lori Huffman, RN- Certified Public Health Nurse, is a life-long Duluth area resident.  Lori attended and graduated from local Denfeld High School and received her Bachelor’s of Nursing at the College of St. Scholastica.

Lori has worked in a variety of environments with numerous populations related to Healthcare, Social Services, and Homecare throughout her career.  This includes 20 years working in a local hospital setting- in which she was part of the Mobile Intensive Care Trauma Unit for 7 of those years.   Overall, Lori has nearly 30 years of clinic practice in areas of Neuro, Critical and Emergency Care, Behavioral Health and Homecare.

In the mid 1990’s- Lori and Shawn Neumann, a trusted friend and business partner, met with the County to see what population was in the greatest need of services. The County shared with Shawn and Lori that there was an emerging population at that time that did not have services specifically set in place for them- Traumatic Brain Injured survivors. As a result, they started TBI Community & Residential Services in 1996, which provides Adult Foster care and housing for persons with high behavioral and/or medical needs related to the TBI population. Due to their ability to provide quality care for the residence along with strong support services- TBI Residential and Community Services rapidly grew from 1 House to currently 37 local Homes with over 160 clients based on need.

Lori reflects on her years of experience at the level of critical and emergency care as a nurse at the hospital and remembers specifically seeing a real need emerging for people that were surviving and living longer, folks that had suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries, due to technological advancements in the healthcare industry.  Unfortunately, there was an entire gap of services for this population because prior- no one sustained head injuries of these types of nature and survived.   

In 2005, Pathways to Achievement Homecare and Special Transportation Services was created in order to provide skilled care and transportation services to consumers living within our community due to the overwhelming need for these services in our community.

When asked how Lori’s business and entrepreneurial career was fostered- “Out of the necessity to meet the continual and rightful needs of the folks that weren’t being met.  This meant that Shawn and I realized that we could not do it all ourselves- although TBI and ultimately Pathways to Achievement are grassroots organizations that were born out of need in our community- it has grown tremendously due the needs of the population and being able to find quality professionals in their respective fields to ensure that the Agency is meeting the demand and needs that are so critical to the care and happiness of the clients.”

This ties into what drives Lori as an individual – “Finding Ways to work with people to help them Achieve their individual Goals.”

Shawn Neumann was born and raised in Superior, Wisconsin and graduated from Superior Senior High School. Shawn then moved to the Twin Cities to attend St. Catherine’s University.  Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree in Speech and Telecommunications, Shawn returned to the twin ports to begin her career.

Shawn Neumann has over 20 years experience working with vulnerable  adult and juvenile populations.  She also has years of experience working directly with mental illness, traumatic brain injury, developmentally disabled, and high medical needpopulations.  She has been involved in all facets of these populations, including Direct Care, programming, as well as Administrative roles and responsibilities.

Shawn Neumann and Lori Huffman had mutual connections and passions regarding Social Services and providing care for individuals in need.   In order to utilize their shared ability and experience in providing care to at risk populations, they met with St. Louis County  to discuss utilizing their skills toserveadditional vulnerable consumers  in need within our community.    

In 1996, as a result of their experience and ability to provide care for at risk populations, Shawn and Lori started TBI Residential and Community Services .  TBI is a social service provider who offers Adult Foster Care services for persons with high behavioral and/or medical needs related to TBI or other diagnosis.  Currently, TBI provides services for approximately 160 clients in 37 different Homes throughout the area.

Shawn and Lori continued to be directly involved with TBI, but also continued to research  additional need within their community.  In 2005, Pathways to Achievement Homecare and Special Transportation Services  was created in order to  provide skilled care and transportation services to consumers living within our community.

Shawn has always had a passion for helping those in need.  Shawn’s relentless drive to succeed as a business professional, combined with her compassion and drive to help those in need, has been one of the reasons TBI and Pathways to Achievement have been so successful.

“We strive to make sure we make a positive difference within our community for those less fortunate.” 

Pathways to Achievement has strong roots in social and human services in the Duluth and surrounding communities.  Luke is responsible to ensure that our community members are aware of the wide spectrum of in-depth comprehensive care and support services that allows folks the opportunity to continue to live where they want to live- where they call Home- as long and as safely as possible.

A lifelong resident of the City of Duluth and our wonderful community, Luke has provided over 10 years of Direct Care for several populations in Human Services such as at-risk youth, homeless teens,victims of abuse, adult Developmentally Disabled, community members with mental illness and emotional instability, the elderly, and Brain Injured individuals.  He has been involved in providing care ranging from behavioral needs, personal care and assistance, community integration along with development and assistance in independent living skills- in addition to administrative roles and responsibilities.

Luke received his Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a major in Marketing and a minor in Communications from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.  He has held administrative and leadership roles with quality agencies and organizations such as Target Corp., Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), TBI Residential and Community Services.